Frequently Asked Questions


What is your name?

My name is Brianna Addolorato, and no, I have not always been named Addolorato.


Where were you born?

I was born as Brianna Niemann on July 23rd, 1990 in a small town outside of Chicago Illionis called Rockford. I lived in Rockford Illinois with amazing friends and family until the age of 14 years old. Which was the age when my Mother, Stepfather, and two brothers moved to Tampa Florida to start a new adventure and life away from the cold flurry snowflakes. It was truly a great experience and fun childhood growing up in such a small rural town but boy was I shocked when I left and realized how much of a life there is and traveling and experiences I wanted to start discovering all over the world.


Where are you currently living?

Currently I am living in beautiful sunny Miami Beach, Florida with my husband. And I truly have to say, for only living in Miami for around a total of 4 years, it has been such a great and fun experience coming to a city not knowing anyone and meeting great friends, finding new love of things culturally, and meeting the man of my dreams, my husband Alexandre.


What was it like leaving and growing up in a small town?

After growing up in Rockford Illinois, I moved at 14 years old with my parents and brothers to Tampa Florida, and it wasn’t even two years later that I was on a plane moving to Milan Italy at 16 years old where I began starting my modeling career.


How was living in Milan Italy?

Since I moved to Milan Italy at such a young age, it is truly a place that I can always say and think of as my second home. It was truly such a fast and exciting time for me since it was always a passion of mine to be a model and be emursed in the Fashion Industry, since it was always something I knew and loved.


After living in Milan, what happened?
After living in Milan, I would go back and forth from New York City, Miami, and Tampa Florida which is where I was attending my Fashion Design College and trying to keep a somewhat normal and balanced life while trying to complete my dream as being a model, and attending the normal activities and lifestyle as an American teenager going to High School then College and working normal jobs and modeling jobs when I was able to.


And then?

After Design School in Tampa, that is when I decided to go forward and with full force on my modeling career in Miami and New York city since I was now at an older age of 21 years old which has helped and made me enjoy being able to have more knowledge and an understanding of the Fashion Industry.


You were 21 years old when you decided to model full-time?
Yes, I starting modeling at 16 years old for a few years but as a young and shy 16 year old girl, I felt and enjoyed being a teenager and keeping myself involved in my studies while designing and working. Allowing myself to try and balance a somewhat normal life until I felt that I was confident and knew more of who I was as a person and also how I wanted to market and promote myself as a model.


Why are you starting a blog?
I am starting my blog because I feel there is a need in educating young woman and/or anyone who has an interest in the modeling or fashion industry. I see so many individuals who are not given the proper guidance and sadly take a wrong turn or do not conquer to where they want to be because of lack of knowledge and lack of confidence. I want my blog to help promote and help put a brighter light on things in the fashion and modeling industry. It really can be a wonderful career if you make of it. With enough guidance and motivation in understanding who you are and what you can provide, this will hopefully help you in your modeling career and everyday lives.


My mission?

I want to help create a positive outlook on the Modeling, Fashion, and on a younger persons side. Since growing up and understanding who you are as a person, what you like, what you dislike is a scary and somewhat awkward stage of your life. I want to help motivate and teach that confidence and self esteem is the key that will help you be successful in your everyday lives. And I hope that I can help whomever is interested in the modeling, fashion, fitness, and everyday advice that I am sharing thru my blog and everyday social media outlets.


My goal is to make a difference in your Fashion, Fitness, and Everyday lives!

Brianna Addolorato