Perfect Daytime Dress

Finding the Perfect Daytime Dress can sometimes be a challange…

But don’t worry ladies, I found the solution to our fashion crisis!




Finding the Perfect Daytime Dress

can sometimes be a challenge. But don’t you worry ladies, I have found an affordable, fashionable, and super cute hippie chic brand. Which will blow off your Louboutins or those Steve Madden metallic slides, that I have been eyeing at purchasing once I finish writing this article.


Valija was this eye opening brand that will truly be on the next  blow up of social media success! I was shocked when I was able to get the opportunity to work with such a great company! They really understand that fashion should be affordable, fashionable, and of quality as well.


I do have to warn you though, they do make it pretty difficult to narrow down what you want. Only for the fact that everything is so darn cute! Don’t worry on figuring out what you would like to purchase though, with their price tags, you can actually afford to buy more then one look!


 I am happy to have discovered such an affordable, fashionable, and super cute hippie chic brand!






Shop my favorite Valija Daytime Dresses



Kareem Dress

Raffia Dress

Tunas Dress

Remedios Dress














The perfect dress for the perfect you!







Photographed by @Kincordell   |   Hair & Makeup by @heavenlystyle   |   Production by Media Fresh
Clothing from @valija


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